Discount Policy only for Silk Fabric :

On all our silk fabric in stock you can enjoy a discount according to the quantity in your order. Refer to the following table for details of how our discount policy works.

For example if you buy items for a value of $ 150 you will get a discount of 5% so finally you have to pay just $142.50.


Important Note:

Volume discount will automatically apply at checkout directly on your cart.

Subtotal for volume discount does not include shipping costs or taxes (if applicable).


Discount Policy only for Shiva Eye Shell Silver Jewelry:

On all our items in stock you can enjoy a discount for them according to the size of your order. Refer to the following table for details of our discount policy.

For example if you buy items for a value of $ 400 you will get a discount of 20% so finally you have to pay just $320.


Important Note:

Volume discount will automatically apply at checkout directly on your cart.

Subtotal for volume discount does not include shipping costs or taxes (if applicable).





Shipping Methods  has a partnership with Thailand Post , DHL, FEDEX and UPS. The Thailand Post is our primary shipping carrier, the International Air Mail of Thailand Post is the basic shipping method, and we also offer international express mail on some specific items quantity by DHL, FEDEX  or UPS. Currently the shipping methods are as following:

Registered Airmail  (2 to 5 weeks)

·         International Air Parcel (2 to 3 weeks)

·         DHL Express (3 to 6 working days)

·         FEDEX (3 to 6 working days)

·         UPS (3 to 6 working days)



 What is the Registered Airmail?

 The Registered Airmail provides a registration number that can be used for tracking the delivery status online (on our carrier site). For some specific countries such as United States, the registration number can go through their post system for example on for further tracking.


What is the International Air Parcel?

International Air Parcel is only available for specific quantity , or sum of packages. Basically, International  Air Parcel has less delivery time compared with Air Registered mail . International Air Parcel come also with online tracking number.


Note: We ship all our items from our factory in Thailand where the jewellery items are designed and produced so no further delay will occur.

The Entire Shipping Process Transport is one of the greatest concerns of customers, so for this reason you can consult the table below that is the graphic description of the entire shipping process about all delivery methods applied to all range of quantity in any parts of the world.


Ship. Cat 1

Ship. Cat 2

Ship. Cat 3

Ship. Cat 4

Ship. Cat 5

Ship. Cat 6

$1 to $49

$50 to $299

$300 to $599

$600 to $999

$1000 to $1499

Over $1500

Air mail ($6.5)

Air Mail (Free)

Air Mail (Free)

Int. Parcel





Except remote Area (Paid)

($ 50)




Except remote Area (Paid)

($ 25)


Int. Parcel (paid)

($ 20)

Int. Parcel


($ 10)


($ 25)



Except remote Area (Paid)

($ 65)




($ 50)



Except remote Area (Paid)

($ 80)







The above shipping table is of course referred to the total amount in your  bill after having applied any discount available. Then for example if you will buy $ 350 of value you will get a discount of 20% as per table below Disc.Cat. 3 but after having applied that discount, your shipping category will be Ship. Cat. 2 as per table above because you total bill has been already discounted to $ 280.






Ship Out Notification

Usually when the parcel leaves our warehouse we will send an update to the customer with the date and related shipping information such as registration/tracking number directly to customer’s email.

Note: The parcel will be transported from our warehouse directly to the logistic courier warehouse  before to be shipped out . This course may take some time therefore the date we stated in shipping notification is not the actually shipping out date. Therefore the online tracking status may not be available immediately until the shipping data is updated in system, customer can wait 24-48 hours for tracking.




“Gift” Mark Service

Scarves and Beyond has a deep understanding and knowledge  about import tariffs may be applied by customs at country of destination regard international purchase, and we always try our best to legally minimize your import duties (or GST or V.A.T. or other Taxes). A large part of our parcels with value not over $ 100 will be declaimed as “Gift” to help customers minimizing the tax. In most cases, there may be none duty tax to pay for. Anyway, if any additional charges is generated for customs clearance, that charges must be paid by customer.

However in case you will buy a large quantity or value of products we suggest you to request to us an original and regular invoice in order  declare the correct amount avoiding any possible problem.

Note: Anyway We want also inform you that in the remote and unfortunate case that your shipping will be lost, the refund cannot in any case exceed the value declared onto the shipping invoice.


 Other Notes

The address we ship to, should be the same shipping address that customer fills in the order check out (that will shows on the purchase notification email). Please remember to provide the correct shipping address, once the parcel is shipped out, no any changing to ship address will be further allowed. And we will not be responsible for item loss cause of wrong, typos or undeliverable address.




Returning merchandise for refund or exchange (Return Policy)


General Policy

Below is Scarves and Beyond standard return policy applicable only to products purchased directly from us. All products can be returned by requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within the valid return period.

Products that are not eligible for return and will be sent back to you at your cost and expense if received by us:


·         Any product not purchased from Scarves and Beyond


·         Any product altered or without a original packaging


·         Any product that exhibits damage by wearing.


·         Any product for which you have submitted a mail-in rebate


 The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process in Three Easy Steps:


1. Obtain the RMA authorization after you submit an RMA request via My Account.

 RMA requests should include the following information: Order ID, Item SKU, reason for return (including images), your preference to replace the item or refund money, and other related concerns.


2. Ship the goods to be returned after you have received the RMA authorization.

 Please note that the returned item must be with its original packing. Use the shipping address provided by the Scarves and Beyond Customer Service Center and package the item together with RMA authorization.

Note: Please provide a tracking number for return shipments. Scarves and will not take any responsibility for lost or missing return shipments.


3. Receive the replacement or refund.

 Scarves and Beyond Team will arrange your item/s for reshipment or refund your money within 1-3 business days after having received your returned items.